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Mexico Is Pissed Miley Cyrus Got Spanked With The Mexican Flag


Also fyi this was on Mexican Independence Day. Hang this bitch.


No but imagine lily having a down phase during the pregnancy and looking at herself in the mirror and going “I look like I swallowed a fucking watermelon” and James trying to cheer her up by tying his invisibility cloak around her stomach so that she’s just legs and a floating head and telling her that “you can’t even see the baby bump”

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#I will never get over the last gif. #And not just because they’re both trying not to cry. #But look at Dean and how he’s so mad about what just came out of his own mouth. #Like he meant to say something different. He always means something different and it always comes out like that. The wrong way. Every time. #And he’s trying so hard. He’s trying so hard because this is Cas. Of all people this is Cas. #He tries and he fucks it up and he hates himself because he had expectations and he should know. He should know better. #And they lied. Everyone lied. Love isn’t supposed to hurt like this (is it?) and he’s sorry but he can’t say. He can’t say. He can’t say. #Hand to mouth like he can feel it trapped under his tongue. But it never comes out right. #Wait. They don’t love you like I love you. #I love you more than I hate myself.

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